Supplying Global Advertisement Space

Need to sell products or services globally? Are you looking for name recognition? Do you have limited funds to promote your services? Are you in the language business, travel industry or offer adventure packages?

Starting a new endeavor is always scary, not as scary as when we began LingoHut (LH) in 2012.

LingoHut will start renting advertorial space to a business needing branding in all parts of the world.  Our focus is on providing an advertising platform for small companies to have the opportunity to purchase a global advertisement space for a reasonable cost.

Talking to marketing experts

Since this is new territory for my partner and me, we decided to talk to some experts.  After having a few conversations with the pro’s, we knew it was going to take time and dedication, just like anything we have ever put our souls into it.

Number one and most importantly, we need to create a media kit to handout when talking to our prospective advertisers.

What should the media kit have? How long should it be? How will we get the message out about this service? What will be the guidelines of the advertorial?  These and many other questions came up, so in my style, I went to the source.

Traveled to Dallas

I contacted Nicolas an old colleague of mine who is about to start a new business in Dallas. I decided to meet him in Dallas to have face to face and understand his advertisement needs and budget. I learned that new companies need cost-effective advertisement space, simple advertisement packages, no time for advertising maintenance and the difficulties companies have to brand your product or service; all these points need to be taken into consideration when we come up with our advertising model and packages.  A quick trip of fewer than 24 hours but time well spent.

Off to New Jersey, I went

After that, I wanted to meet up with someone who has worked on media kits and was willing to help me come up with a different type of advertising model.  So off to New Jersey I went, I meet up with Melissa who worked in the textile industry in the Middle East.  Melissa and I spent four days brainstorming ideas of how to create a model that would be beneficial, uncomplicated, cost-effective and a great brand builder for the small entrepreneur.

On my arrival back, I shared with my partner all I had learned.  I think we are starting to see a clearer path to meet our goal.

A unique piece of renting space from us, allows YOU to receive advertising space to promote your brand. Subsequently, YOU sponsor free languages learning to millions of monthly LingoHut visitors.

Join us

Let’s form the perfect circle that provides the gift of communication to millions while you receive name recognition.

Our work is nowhere near complete, LingoHut is always a work in progress.  Stay tuned, and if interested in renting branding space from, please drop us a note.

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