Tango In Buenos Aires

Kendal and Philipp, the founders of LingoHut, a language learning platform, recently took Tango lessons from Pepe Rojas, a renowned tango instructor. The experience was fun and provided valuable insights into the art of teaching and learning.

Pepe Rojas has taught Tango for over 20 years and trained many professional dancers. His approach to teaching tango is unique in that he focuses on building a solid foundation of basic steps and techniques, which he believes is essential for becoming a good dancer. His favorite is to teach couples how to become one through Tango.

Kendal and Philipp were initially nervous about taking tango lessons as they had no prior experience with the dance. However, they quickly realized that Pepe was an excellent teacher who was able to break down complex movements into simple steps that were easy to follow.

One of the things that impressed Kendal and Philipp was Pepe’s emphasis on the importance of practice. He encouraged them to practice the basic steps repeatedly until they became second nature. This approach resonated with the founders, as it is similar to the methodology used in language learning. At LingoHut, the team believes that practice is key to becoming fluent in a language.

Another thing that Kendal and Philipp learned from Pepe was the importance of patience and persistence. Tango is a complex dance that requires a lot of practice and dedication to master. Pepe emphasized that it takes time to become a good dancer and that it is essential to stay committed and not give up.

Finally, Kendal and Philipp were struck by Pepe’s passion for Tango. He clearly loved the dance and was enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge with others. This passion is something that Kendal and Philipp try to instill in their own work at LingoHut. They believe that learning a language should be fun and engaging, and they strive to create a platform that fosters this enthusiasm for language learning.

In conclusion, Kendal and Philipp’s experience taking tango lessons from Pepe Rojas was not only a fun and memorable experience but also provided valuable insights into the art of teaching and learning. In addition, they learned the importance of practice, patience, persistence, and passion, which they will carry with them in their work at LingoHut.

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