New Languages at LingoHut -Vietnamese, Thai, and Greek


Vietnamese, Thai, and Greek taught at LingoHut.

October 19, 2018 – LingoHut teaches Vietnamese, Thai, and Greek. These three languages bring their library to 19 taught languages.

Oia Santorini Greece

Most noteworthy all of LingoHut’s lessons are free to all. “We are happy to teach Vietnamese, Thai, and Greek at LingoHut. Helping more people around the world” said Kendal Knetemann, co-founder of LingoHut. A certified teacher with 27 years of experience in public schools. “We love to provide the gift of communication. Our resource builds confidence in their ability to communicate in another language.”

It is easy to start learning at First, visit LingoHut’s home page. Then select the spoken language and then choose the language you want to learn. Once selected, a series of free lessons appear.

You can learn from your native language. Our website is presented in 50+ languages teaching 19 different languages. LingoHut’s free resource provides the opportunity to begin a language learning journey.

“Without language, it becomes more difficult to express our desires, feelings, and questions to the people around us,” said Knetemann. “By adding these new languages to our available courses, it helps us all discover the power in our communication skills.”

Founded in 2012, LingoHut is a global language project that was created to help people communicate more effectively. Each lesson offers an interactive lab to practice pronunciation and articulation of words.  The vocabulary taught is everyday vocabulary.


Interested in more information, please call or email us. Contact: Kendal Knetemann. Email:

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