Vulnerability has – among other things – to do with uncertainty and/or subjects we have or had no (direct) control over. In a vulnerable situation we might experience something small – a gesture, a comment, a glance – and already we’re deeply affected. Or we remember something that confronts us with strong emotions. The more powerful the feelings of – for example – fear, shame, pain, anger, sadness and/or frustration, the greater the feeling of vulnerability will be.

In our present society, where a powerful image of self-assurance is regularly emphasized, many see vulnerabilities as signs of weakness. Something that should be avoided at all cost. The fear of rejection is strong. And yet: working with our vulnerabilities can be one of the most powerful tools when it comes to personal growth. Once you acknowledge your vulnerable sides, you can start a profound development on a personal level.

If you’re willing to share some of your vulnerabilities with others, you’ll not only get to know yourself better, but also the person with whom you’re sharing. How do you show your vulnerable sides? Are you clear when talking about this? Does the other acknowledge the vulnerabilities in you? How do they deal with this? Are you being treated with respect, or do they take advantage of the openness that you’re showing? How do YOU deal with the reactions of others?

Because not everyone can handle another’s vulnerabilities, it is advisable to be careful at first in selecting someone to talk about this.

In showing your vulnerability, you show your human side, so that others can get to know you better and be more considerate towards you. Once you get in touch with your vulnerable parts, you’ll gradually feel more secure. You’ll get to know yourself better. This process often requires courage and perseverance. Some vulnerabilities might have arisen from situations you’ve encountered in your life. In time, you might be able to accept and embrace those vulnerabilities – maybe with some professional guidance. There are vulnerabilities that, when viewed in more detail, can be solved with new insights that arise. This way you will grow to be more authentic.

Being in touch with yourself, including your vulnerable sides, makes you much more powerful. Feelings of harmony and balance in life are enhanced. To experience vulnerability is part of being human. It touches upon a raw piece of life. Unpolished. An intense learning process that ultimately can increase our self-confidence and give our relationships more depth. A process from which you can benefit, for the rest of your life.

Franklin Heilbron, blogger, and spiritual life coach lives and coaches in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). He loves life, loves people, hugely enjoys intelligent conversations, and can be deeply moved by beautiful sounds.

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