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I’m Franklin Heilbron, a spiritual life coach, living, and coaching in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I love life, love people, hugely enjoy intelligent conversations and can be deeply moved by beautiful sounds and images. From time to time I indulge in yummy things like cheesecake, chocolates and Indian food.

I’ve always had two strong fields of interest: the technical side of things (how it works, what can you do with it, ergonomics, etc.) and the human, emotional and spiritual part of life. Thus my educational background is a combination of these two: I’m a bachelor of science in electronic engineering, and I have a degree in coaching.

Being an introvert, emphatic and highly sensitive guy means that I can relatively easy pick up on small signals when talking to people. My technical side allows me to analyze and put things in perspective. Growing older I became much more open and communicative. I’ve taught myself to focus on my innermost feelings and to find the right words to express them.

Self-analysis and self-awareness are key to the way I approach life: finding out who we are by stripping away the layers of protection that we’ve build over the years to shield ourselves - because we think it protects us. I think it’s time we meet the real person that’s hidden underneath, to get to know ourselves on the deepest levels. And start accepting ourselves for who we truly are, so we can find inner peace and make choices in the future that are based on the real us. This is the main reason why I started as a life coach in 2008: to guide people in this process. I’m using everyday situations as examples of learning moments.

So here I present to you my “inner inspirations.” I truly hope they will inspire you, make you think, help review your priorities in life, etc. Enjoy, learn, and please share your thoughts! Warmest regards, Life coach Franklin (Dutch)

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