Never for money, always for love

Want to cultivate a broad vocabulary and boost pronunciation in a new language? LingoHut is the right place for you!

What is LingoHut?

LingoHut is about inclusion, diversity, and equality. Never for money, always for love. We respect all people and all cultures. Communication is crucial to understanding each other and celebrating our diverse backgrounds and all points of view so we can all thrive.

LingoHut is a website that helps you find vocabulary, spelling, and pronunciation in carefully organized topics. A perfect resource for completely new, A1, and A2 learners to gain more confidence in listening and pronunciation. All recordings are from a native speaker of the language giving a natural understanding of pronunciation.

Philipp and Kendal

LingoHut as a tool is simple and powerful, especially for beginners of a language. Get used to the sounds and pronunciation, practice pronunciation alongside, and start gaining an understanding of spelling and reading through short phrases and words. Reinforce your knowledge by playing a variety of games at the end of each lesson.

It is 100% free-to-use and our gift to language learners.

It provides access to learn 50 languages, through a variety of games and lessons to learn.

The founders

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Philipp and Kendal welcome you to LingoHut, a family-led project that goes beyond borders. LingoHut showcases language learning resources and language tips. Teaching languages is our love and traveling is our passion, while trying to make the world a better place by promoting positive change.

Because LingoHut is not an average “learn a new language” site, it is a moving story of how learning a new language can transform you, and WE want to help you learn, grow, and speak with confidence.

LingoHut is a place for all.

Come learn to communicate in 1 or all 50 languages and read our blogs on our language journey. Take some time to view the world, learn language tips, and see inspiring moments as we promote LingoHut. Come join this community and be part of the language movement. Drop us a line and let us know where you are; we might just make that our next language destination! Every good site needs a mascot. Follow LingoBear.

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