Teach yourself French

Why settle for bland when you can go grand? You'll not just be memorizing the names; you'll be practicing their pronunciation until saying "coriander" or "paprika" rolls off your tongue as easily as they roll into your recipes. These words will make you not just a food connoisseur but a linguistic one as well.

Herbs and spices :: French vocabulary

Welcome to the aromatic universe of herbs and spices! In this French lesson, we take a delightful detour to the world of flavors that make our dishes dance. We will introduce you to the French vocabulary that brings zest to your pasta, warmth to your curry, and aroma to your roast. Learning these words will spice up not just your cooking but also your linguistic skills.

Prepare to journey through a flavorful landscape as French Lesson 65 enriches your language skills with the names of herbs and spices that chefs and grandmothers alike swear by. Imagine, you'll be able to name the tiny leaves and aromatic seeds that make Italian dishes a hit and Indian recipes a masterpiece. This French lesson will not just expand your French vocabulary; it aims to perfect your pronunciation, letting you discuss recipes or order food like you've been a local food critic all your life.