Teach yourself Slovenian

The jewelry you wear can say a lot about you, and so can the way you talk about it. This Slovenian lesson equips you with the language to describe, inquire about, or purchase jewelry in various settings.

Jewelry :: Slovenian vocabulary

Step into the glamorous world of Slovenian Lesson 42, which focuses on Slovenian vocabulary around jewelry. From everyday wear like Wristwatches and Earrings to more formal pieces like Brooches and Cuff Links, you’ll master the terms that make you shine.

Slovenian Lesson 42 isn't just a list of shiny objects. You'll be taught how to pronounce words like Necklace, Bracelet, and Ring properly. Moreover, you'll understand where and how to use these terms, whether you're shopping at a high-end boutique, dressing for a special occasion, or describing lost-and-found items.