LingoHut A Global Humanitarian Language-Learning Project

LingoHut helps others who struggle to communicate effectively due to language barriers. It is a free language-learning resource to help anyone needing to communicate in a non-native language. They created a welcoming and inclusive environment where people from all backgrounds could come and learn a language for free and anonymously.

Philipp and Kendal

Their users range from immigrants to refugees, shopkeepers, and students. They aim to empower them to find jobs and opportunities to better integrate into their new culture through communication. One of the founders, a refugee, understands the importance of language and its power to assimilate into a new culture. The LingoHut platform helps people who speak any of the 60+ languages they present and teaches 50 of the most spoken global languages.

Kendal, a refugee herself, understands the importance of language and its power to assimilate into a new culture.

Besides immigrants using the site, teachers use it to help their students learn English and other languages. With its extensive vocabulary and interactive games, LingoHut is a valuable tool for language learning in the classroom. Teachers love that all the materials are free and that the students can learn without providing personal information.

How to become an ambassador for LingoHut? It is simple. Share it with your community. Philipp and Kendal thank you for your support and sharing the gift of communication.

Contact us. We love to hear your story and your success with language learning.

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