Afternoon Tea In Dublin

The Atrium , Dublin

Having never had a formal afternoon tea experience, I must say that I was looking forward to my first one at The Atrium in Dublin. Bringing my better half along for the experience, stepping through the doors offered a nice first impression. Afternoon tea in Dublin is a great pass time.

The atmosphere was completely calm. The Atrium offered a décor in the classical style. Even the music that was playing in the background through the overhead speakers helped to create a sense of peace.

There were 12 different teas on the menu. You’re allowed to select one, then change it if you wish during any part of your tea. Although the staff at The Atrium never recommended a specific tea to complement the food choices, we found it to be a friendly experience where we were never rushed.

A Modern Twist on the Traditional

Never being rushed is a reflection of what Dublin is like, to be honest. Everyone, there is extremely friendly and takes life in a laid-back manner. I felt comfortable in a t-shirt and Capri jeans, wearing a pair of tennis shoes. Although there were a few folks there dressed in their best, the atmosphere was mostly relaxed and casual.

We received the snacks for our afternoon tea on the traditional 3-tray tower. Savory was on the bottom, with sconce in the middle, then sweets on the top.

Above all the best bite at The Atrium was the honeyed goat cheese dipper, with a tapenade made from kalamata olives and tomatoes.

In conclusion, an afternoon tea in Dublin made me realize what is truly dear to me. Spending time there with my husband, my better half, is a memory I will forever treasure.

We received no compensation, free food, or other complimentary items from The Atrium at the Westin Hotel for this review. This article contains only our own honest thoughts and opinions. We do not work for the Atrium at the Westin Hotel and receive no commission for any hotel purchases or bookings.

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