Surprising revelations at “The Lounge” in London

Maybe I came to London with high expectations for a superb afternoon tea. Perhaps those expectations got the best of me. I must say, however, that our afternoon tea at The Lounge was the most expensive of our journey and my least favorite. Surprising revelations at “The Lounge” in London

First, there was the environment. There was consistent pedestrian traffic around the tables as you tried to enjoy the moment. The kitchen was quite close to our location as well, so the sounds of pots, pans, and dishes was quite distracting.

Secondly, the food felt mass-produced. The scones were somewhat plain, and the jelly felt like it came straight from a jar. Although the sandwiches were tasty, as were the sweet treats, the service felt rushed and impatient. Considering the price premium, the experience felt like a letdown.

What I did appreciate about our time at The Lounge was that it was filled with adventure. Friends were connecting with one another after a long day of work. There were children there, trying an afternoon tea for the first time.

And that is what I think I will remember the most about this experience. After 33 years of marriage, being able to have a nice conversation with the person you love over tea is something that is taken for granted so often. It is up to each of us to make the most of the moments we are given, whether they are perfect or imperfect.

We always have the opportunity to choose happiness.

In all fairness, The Lounge was a backup plan. Rubens at the Palace on Buckingham Road was the first suggestion, but they had been fully booked and required 2 weeks’ advance notice.

Maybe the service could have been better. Maybe the jelly could have been homemade. At the end of the day, I came away satisfied because I got to experience this with someone I love. There may be unmet expectations, for sure, but there were surprising revelations found too.

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