Beautiful Moments At “La Galerie” In Paris

I expected to have plenty of fun while getting the word out about our global language project with LingoHut. What I found in Paris is something that I will treasure forever. There were beautiful moments at La Galerie in Paris which built strong connections I have never experienced before.

It all started with the beautiful melodies being played from a piano. The pianist stayed there the full 3.5 hours we were there as well. The atmosphere was much more formal, with everyone dressed in something fashionable.

Ugo was our waiter. He was very professional and quite helpful. We began with a delicious glass of Champagne. Then our glasses kept being refilled whenever they became somewhat empty.

The Aroma of Flowers Was Everywhere

If you were to close your eyes and breathe in deep, you could easily imagine yourself having an afternoon tea in a botanical garden somewhere at an old castle. The flower arrangements at La Galerie were huge, impressive, and quite aromatic.

We felt more than welcome during this afternoon tea. We felt special.

During our visit, we were served different teas from around the world. Each one was delicious, with distinctive flavor profiles. One of the teas from Japan was so good that I had to find some in a specialty store to have again later!

I have never had a tea to which I have ever felt so attached.

Each Course served  was unique

Each offering was delicately delicious, elegant with explosive flavors served on the traditional tower. It was exciting to try each new item, savoring every bite. The pear jelly was something I’d never had before and quite exquisite. The sconce was one of the best I’d ever had.

My time here is something that I will always cherish. It was an experience that was captivating in every way.

We received no compensation, free food, or other complimentary items from The La Galerie four seasons for this review. This article contains only our own honest thoughts and opinions. We do not work for the La Galerie four season Hotel and receive no commission for any hotel purchases or bookings.

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