Teach yourself Slovenian

You won't just learn the names of the animals; you'll learn how to pronounce them correctly in the language you're studying. Whether you're fascinated by parrots or intrigued by snakes, you'll be able to say their names with confidence.

At the zoo :: Slovenian vocabulary

Are you fascinated by animals and often find yourself visiting zoos? In Slovenian Lesson 33, we're focusing solely on Slovenian vocabulary related to zoo animals and common Slovenian phrases you might hear there. This Slovenian lesson will sharpen your language skills and prepare you to identify and talk about different animals at the zoo.

This Slovenian lesson covers a variety of Slovenian phrases and questions commonly heard at zoos. Terms like "Can the parrot talk?" and "Is the snake poisonous?" are included. You'll also encounter Slovenian phrases about insects, like "This is mosquito repellent," and pets, such as "Do you have a dog?" and "I am allergic to cats." The Slovenian vocabulary is designed to help you engage in basic conversations while visiting a zoo, all while focusing on correct pronunciation.