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This Slovenian lesson isn't just about listing types of undergarments; it aims to teach you their proper names so you can talk about them when needed. From Bra and Underwear to Socks and Pajamas, you'll become well-versed in undergarment terminology.

Undergarments :: Slovenian vocabulary

Welcome to Slovenian Lesson 40, a slightly more intimate look into clothing—undergarments! Whether you're shopping for essentials or discussing laundry, knowing these terms can save you from awkward situations.

Slovenian Lesson 40 covers essential undergarments like Bra, Underwear, and Socks, along with nighttime staples like Pajamas and Robes. You'll not only learn what each item is called but also how to pronounce them correctly. So, whether you're doing laundry or packing for a trip, these terms will ensure you're well-prepared.