Teach yourself Slovenian

In this Slovenian lesson, you'll be learning how to correctly pronounce the names of these birds. So, the next time you see one while you're outside or maybe even in a zoo, you can impress your friends and family by naming it accurately and confidently.

Types of birds :: Slovenian vocabulary

Get ready to soar with Slovenian Lesson 32, where we focus on teaching you the names of different birds. You'll soon be able to identify more than just a "bird" in the sky. Instead, you'll know if you're looking at a Crow, an Eagle, or even a Penguin. Mastering these words will make your conversations more specific and engaging.

In Slovenian Lesson 32, we cover the names of 18 unique birds, such as Duck, Peacock, and Woodpecker. This list even includes some not-so-common birds like Ostrich and Pelican. What's cool about this Slovenian lesson is you'll be learning how to correctly say each bird name. This skill will help you be more specific when you're talking about birds, and it'll make your conversations much more interesting.